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I've Been Making Bad Things

2011-02-12 11:57:04 by Nolroboma

Lately, I've been throwing into the audio portal what some will call rancorous shit.

What it's supposed to be is music.

You can go ahead and give it all a listen here and here and here.

Unfortunately, my musical potential is very limited because I only have the trial version of ACID xPress and they don't give you near enough shit to get started.

Also, the stand up comedy thing is underway. It's all written out and it's funny enough for at least a stoned teenager and his stupid friends to laugh at.

All I need to do is record and hope someone animates it.

But I would not hold my breath.

And if you don't want to see a bunch of rambling about ACID xPress then you should stop reading right about now.

What kind of fucking asshole piece of shit software company from the deepest depths of Hell decides to fork over a fucking trial version of some piece of shit music making software and says, "Oi, you, little boy in the funny shirt, you can have this awesome piece of music making software right here because it's the greatest one in the whole world and we want you to give it a shot so you can maybe buy it and impress all your friends with your thumpin' beats and whatnot, yo, oh and we forgot to mention that if you also want the little audio clips for actually making the music with you'll have to fork over sixty five fucking dollars because it's a God damned free trial after all."

No, but it's not that bad because they can get you started and set you up with this nice little package of audio clips (mainly electronica or electronica related sounds) so you can make like three different songs and they'll all sound like shit anyway because none of the audio clips match.

All that being said, once I get the money to actually make purchase of the UK Electro House Audio Clip Pack as they call it, and you can imagine some big burly bastard screaming the name as though it held in its phonetics all the power of Greyskull, I'll be able to make some pretty decent music and I'll stop spamming the audio portal with rancorous shit, in your words.



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2011-02-13 23:35:51

Here's an idea now, just, just an idea, but maybe, just maybe, perhaps, possibly, you should kill yourself.