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Hi I Am A Musician And I Am A Voice Actor And I Am A Forhire

2011-02-26 08:22:22 by Nolroboma

To get something out of the way, I made a new song and you can find it here.

Go ahead and call it repetitive all you want.

In other news, I've been trying hard lately to get this Goddamn stand up thing underway, but good God you would not fucking believe

how fucking hard it is

to do.

Not only that, but it's gonna be a big ass file, what with so many different audio channels layered.

I might end up doing just two or three laughing voices.

But it will happen, you can rest assured.

The thing is, I have to keep starting over and over for reasons I'm too damn lazy to explain.

Anyway, remember that I'm a voice actor and all that.

For hire.

Hint hint.


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